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Tarco: 3D Phizzogs collectables

May 2013 – Phizzogs
Tarco International is another exciting company to sign up for the edgy brand, Phizzogs. Two dynamic guys from the vending machine industry, Tarco, recently set itself up as a company to develop produ...

Sodirep/AA Brands: Phizzogs clothing

May 2013 – Phizzogs
Benelux based company Sodirep/AA Brands have signed up for Phizzogs on apparel, nightwear and underwear for France, Germany, Spain and Benelux. Products are due to hit the market place in Spring 2014....

Fashions UK: Phizzogs clothing

May 2013 – Phizzogs
Fashions UK, is a clothing production company that are the licensee for Angry Birds and many other brands, have now signed up to produce clothing for the brand Phizzogs. They will be developing a rang...


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