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New licensing territories

May 2013 – Phizzogs, DoodleBoos, Withit, Kitties in the Cities
Withit Licensing has recently appointed several licensing agents in new territories, such as South Africa, Korea, Asia and Turkey, thus demonstrating the desire for Withit’s art and design based pro...

Phizzogs visit Las Vegas

May 2013 – Phizzogs
Withit Licensing Ltd will be exhibiting the Brand, Phizzogs at the upcoming, global licensing show in Las Vegas in June at the Mandalay Bay this year.  Already several US based companies have express...

Clairfontaine: Phizzogs stationary

May 2013 – Phizzogs
French Based Company, Clairfontaine, launched a range of 4 Diaries with the Phizzogs, Who me, Dumb Blonde, Spot the Maniac and Rock Star. They also produced a school calendar as well featuring Spot th...

Gemma International: Phizzogs greetings cards

May 2013 – Phizzogs
Gemma International, a premier UK greeting card company, will be showing its first range of Phizzog greeting cards at the Progressive Greetings Card show in Islington in May 2013. Gemma were instantly...

Tarco: 3D Phizzogs collectables

May 2013 – Phizzogs
Tarco International is another exciting company to sign up for the edgy brand, Phizzogs. Two dynamic guys from the vending machine industry, Tarco, recently set itself up as a company to develop produ...


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