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First Bag range and stationery for Kids in Russia with Proburo

February 2014 – DoodleBoos
Final product development has been created for the first DoodleBoos range of bags and stationery for younger children. The range comprises of 4 different bags, including a lunch bag and a wide range ...

Pyramid Posters – New mug range and poster released at Spring Fair

February 2014 – Phizzogs
Pyramid Posters launched a range of mugs also at Spring Fair, the mugs will be available from the new WithitWorld Ebay store as well as various outlets nationally from May/June of this year. There wil...

Tarco – Release of Vinyl collectibles imminent!

February 2014 – Phizzogs
The final developments of the vinyl collectable toys have all been implemented and have now been manufactured and are due for release in vending machines throughout the UK in March. Locations will soo...

Greeting Cards & Calendars released by Danilo

February 2014 – Phizzogs
2014 Started with a batch of Greeting Cards, displayed for the first time at Spring Fair at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. The first range Danilo have produced feature many of the Phizzog characters as we...

Doodleboos & Santex license agreement

October 2013 – DoodleBoos
Santex have signed a license agreement to become our clothing licensee across Europe. They will develop a range of product that will target the 0-5 age group for both boys and girls. This cute and cud...


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