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Withit Licensing Prepare for BLE 2014 - Stand F100

August 2014 – Phizzogs, DoodleBoos, Withit, Joey + Joy
Withit Licensing is attending Brand Licensing Europe this year seeking new partners across licensing, retail and distribution for its key brands; ‘Phizzogs’, ‘Joey & Joy’ and ‘Kitties in...

Withit Licensing Appoint Licensing Agent for Joey and Joy Brand in India

August 2014
Withit Licensing, is pleased to announce the appointment of a new licensing agency, ‘AI Licensing’.  The contract, brokered by Withit Licensing, will see AI represent the key new brand, Joey and ...

New Stationary Range - Russia

June 2014 – DoodleBoos
The first stationery range for the exciting world of DoodleBoos was launched in Russia today.  A large range of products have been produced and are now on sale in a wide choice of retail outlets. Com...

World Childrens Expo - India - Joey and Joy

July 2014
Withit Licensing were in attendance as the Childrens Expo in Mumbai this month.  With over 10,000 public visitors the show was very busy with a variety of brands and live performances.  Joey and Joy...

Glamour Puss in Moscow....again!

June 2014 – Withit
The fabulous Glamour Puss has launched her second range of stationary in Russia.    Another large range of product, this time with a ‘Boys are better than Girls’ theme, and a heavily ins...


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