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Joey + Joy on Inside the Commons

February 2015 – Joey + Joy
Last night (24/02/2015) both Joey and Joy appeared on the BBC 2 “Inside the Commons” where they were a big part of a Charity event. They even got the chance to dance with Santa! You can ...


November 2014 – Phizzogs
Proud sponsors of the Brand Cafe, the Phizzogs decorated the area with just a few of the many slogans and captions in the range.  Along with custom beer mats, table talkers and a vending machine wher...

Competition time!

November 2014 – Phizzogs
Phizzogs, as part of its sponsorship of the “Character & Brand Cafe” are offering a typically inspired goodie bag to win, for the best photo uploaded onto its Facebook page Phizzogs. B...

Joey + Joy - Character Costumes

October 2014 – Joey + Joy
As part of raising the profile of Joey and Joy, Withit Licensing has commissioned Rainbow Productions to produce Joey and Joy costumer characters.  These will appear for the first at the BLE show at ...

Phizzogs - Bag Range

October 2014 – Phizzogs
As part of the ongoing development of products by Withit Licensing, they will be showing for the first time the range of Phizzog Bags developed by Brad Caines and Denise Deane.  There are three bags ...


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