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Phizzogs Short Sketch Animations on Facebook

April 2016 – Phizzogs
Phizzogs is launching its range of 6 short sketch comedy animations on Facebook starting in April.  The short clips capture the darker side of life and introduce the characters in more depth.  Be su...

Phizzogs Range of Plush

February 2016 – Phizzogs
Phizzogs characters have come to like in a range of plush!  These are just prototypes at this stage but the finishing and ideas are typically top quality and inventive!  Check out the square cushion...

Phizzogs Range of Bags

March 2016 – Phizzogs

Withit Studios has developed a range of  Bags for Phizzogs – featuring a slight puff effect print all over design mixed with textured black cotton and slick grey vinyl’s

Phizzogs Virtual Stickers Coming to WhatsApp

February 2016 – Phizzogs

Emoji Tap the new App from Bare Tree Media will enable you to buy a range of Virtual Stickers you can use on WhatsApp.

Phizzogs 12 Days of Xmas Video

December 2015 – Phizzogs
Phizzogs launches its take on the 12 days of Xmas with a full blown animation taking a good jab at what Christmas is really all about! In just 6 days it reached over 170K views with overall reach near...


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