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Withit World in India

February 2017
Withit World, has recently secured a new partner in India.  Phizzogs and Kitties in the Cities Brands are to appear on a range of plastic ware in the form of lunch boxes and drinks bottles. This deal...

New brand launched

October 2016 – Phizzogs, DoodleBoos, Withit, Joey + Joy, Kitties in the Cities
Withit Studios launched their new brand, Glitzy Glamour Puss to much praise and positive response from new and existing clients. Celebrating 25 years in business Withit showcased DoodleBoos, Joey and...

Withit World celebrating 25th Anniversary

June 2016
Fabulous party taken place in a beautiful villa of Nicolas Cage, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Withit World, during the Licensing Expo 2016 in Las Vegas this June. ...

Licensing & Merchandising Showcase

May 2016
    Withit Studios Team attended the Licensing & Merchandising Showcase at Chelsea Football Club. Amongst with others, Withit Studios had a chance to present the Brands, even Joey and Joy jo...

Joey and Joy at Times Kidz World in Mumbai, India

May 2016
  Joey and Joy entertaining kids at Times Kidz World in Mumbai, India. Times Kidz World is India’s longest running exhibition for children. ...


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