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Withit Instagram breaks 4000

February 2020 – Withit
Viral Marketing along with now 2 Influencers have pushed up the followers to over 4000. A new blogger, yet to be announced with a good following is due to do a video blog showcases Withit’s new ...

Maison D'Objet Dazzles!

January 2020 – Withit
Brad Caines, takes his annual search for all things cool and colourful to Paris once again. Maison D’Objet proves as always to be a trend setter in terms of direction, materials and finish and t...

Dolph Zahid in Frankfurt Show

January 2020 – Withit
Dolph was in attendance at the recent Frankfurt show, meeting with various interested parties and keeping in touch with contacts. With the initial draft of the new Withit Style Guide, Dolph was able t...

New 30th Anniversary Logo to be created!

March 2020 – Withit
As many of you will know, Withit was established in 1991 by Dolph Zahid.  The company has gone from retailer selling other peoples products, to selling and creating its own, before moving into Wholes...

Kitties in the Cities - Draft TV Deal

August 2019 – Kitties in the Cities
Withit Licensing announces development of Kitties in the Cities into a TV show.  Initial look boards and rough animations have been completed.  The exact storylines are currently under lock and key,...


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