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Withit to Attend BLE Virtual Show 2020

September 2020 – Withit, Phizzogs, DoodleBoos, Joey + Joy, Kitties in the Cities
Withit Studios will be showing as an exhibitor at the upcoming virtual Brand Licensing Show 6-8th October. The show will give Withit the ability to convey its brands via animated presentations this ye...

New Style Guide

July 2020 – Withit
During the pandemic, Brad Caines has been using the downtown, to upgrade the revised style guide for Withit. As we approach our 30th Anniversary in 2021, the new style guide will be enhancing further ...

Withit in Lockdown - Stay Safe

March 2020

As so many of us are affected by such incredible events such as the pandemic, please stay safe and keep washing those hands!

DoodleBoos Bag Collection

May 2020
The toddler/kid range of characters that has seen past success in parts of Europe is now entering a new phase.  Currently on the drawing board and with a highly skilled company, a range of kids fun b...

New upcoming products..!

September 2020 – Withit
Withit is developing a new bag and accessories range at present.  This a new venture for the brand working directly with a manufacturer and online retailer. Currently at design stage, Withit is very ...


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