Bronze Level Question 1 What’s Top Dog’s favourite COLOUR? Royal Blue Lilac Light Blue
Bronze Level Question 2 What’s Top Dog’s favourite FLAVOUR? Hazelnut Banana Blueberry
Bronze Level Question 3 Who is Top Dog’s BEST FRIEND? Cheeky Monkey Rock Chick Mad Moo
Bronze Level Question 4 Where does Top Dog Live in WithitWorld? The Beach The Suburbs The Mountains
Silver Level Question 1 What does Top Dog play on the beach? Board Games Guitar Volleyball
Silver Level Question 2 What’s Top Dog’s favourite pastime Surfing Baseball Writing
Silver Level Question 3 What does Top Dog wear to go surfing Parachute Wet Suit Space Suit
Silver Level Question 4 How many spots on Top Dog? 6 4 2
Gold Level Question 1 What’s Top Dogs job on the beach? Sells Ice Cream Lifeguard Smoothie Maker
Gold Level Question 2 What colour is his beach hut? Orange Purple Blue & White
Gold Level Question 3 What colour are his sunglasses? Purple Blue Green
Gold Level Question 4 What does he do for the environment? Watches TV Picks up litter Lies in bed