Bronze Level Question 1 What’s Mad Moo’s favourite COLOUR? Black Coral Pink Blue
Bronze Level Question 2 What’s Mad Moo’s favourite FLAVOUR? Strawberry Chocolate Peach
Bronze Level Question 3 Who is Mad Moo’s BEST FRIEND? Cheeky Monkey Happy Bunny Chocolate Moose
Bronze Level Question 4 Where does Mad Moo Live in WithitWorld? The Beach The City Countryside
Silver Level Question 1 Where does Mad Moo Like to go? The Shops The Park The Moovies
Silver Level Question 2 What does Mad Moo Make the BEST! A Mess Milkshakes Sandwiches
Silver Level Question 3 What is Mad Moo’s AMBITION! Travel The World Eat Crisps Learn To Fly
Silver Level Question 4 Mad Moo likes to have... Fun Choccy Bickies Homework
Gold Level Question 1 What shape are Mad Moo’s Sunglasses! Square Round Star Shaped
Gold Level Question 2 What does mad Moo live in? A Tower A mansion A Bungalow
Gold Level Question 3 As well as the Moovies, Mad Moo LOVES... Trampolines Reading Swimming
Gold Level Question 4 What do we call a group of cows? A Herd A Bunch A Munch