Bronze Level Question 1 What’s Lost’s favourite COLOUR? White Green Black
Bronze Level Question 2 What’s Lost’s favourite FLAVOUR? Apple Mint Cherry
Bronze Level Question 3 Who is Lost’s BEST FRIEND? Glamour Puss Happy Bunny Rock Chick
Bronze Level Question 4 Where does Lost Live in WithitWorld? The Beach The Suburbs The Countryside
Silver Level Question 1 What HOBBY does Lost enjoy? Knitting Kick Boxing Karaoke
Silver Level Question 2 What is Lost always eating Hot Dogs Doughnuts Fresh Grass
Silver Level Question 3 What do we call a group of sheep? A Herd A Flock A Jumper
Silver Level Question 4 What helps Lost NOT to get lost? A Woolly hat Walking Boots A Map
Gold Level Question 1 What puzzles does Lost love solving? Crosswords Sudoku Jigsaws
Gold Level Question 2 What’s green and gets you lost? A silly frog A house plant A maze hedge
Gold Level Question 3 What does Lost use to knit with? Oven Gloves Kniting Needles A Screwdriver
Gold Level Question 4 What sort of house does Lost live in? Tower Block Stately Home Country Cottage