Bronze Level Question 1 What’s Happy’s favourite COLOUR? Pink White Sky Blue
Bronze Level Question 2 What’s Happy’s favourite FLAVOUR? Blueberry Bubblegum Peach
Bronze Level Question 3 Who is Happy’s BEST FRIEND? Rock Chick Lost Sheep Glamour Puss
Bronze Level Question 4 Where does Happy Live in WithitWorld? Countryside Mountains The Beach
Silver Level Question 1 What does Happy do in the sun? Stay indoors Have a picnic Sunbathe
Silver Level Question 2 What are Happy’s ears like? Floppy Tiny Rubbery
Silver Level Question 3 What is Happy’s HOBBY? Baking Surfing Reading
Silver Level Question 4 What does Happy love to do most? Play guitar Hop around Go to sleep
Gold Level Question 1 What COLOUR is Happy’s blanket? Blue & White Red & Blue Red & White
Gold Level Question 2 Who lives near Happy? Glamour Puss Lost Sheep Cheeky Monkey
Gold Level Question 3 What does Happy LOVE to see? Clouds Rainbows Rain
Gold Level Question 4 What does Happy often say? Be Kind Be Silly Be Naughty