Bronze Level Question 1 What’s Glamour’s favourite COLOUR? Yellow Bright Pink Lilac
Bronze Level Question 2 What’s Glamour’s favourite FLAVOUR? Orange Bubblegum Vanilla
Bronze Level Question 3 Who is Glamour’s BEST FRIEND? Top Dog Happy Bunny Mad Moo
Bronze Level Question 4 Where does Glamour Live in WithitWorld? The Beach The Suburbs The City
Silver Level Question 1 How is Glamour feeling TODAY? Fabulous Tired Sleepy
Silver Level Question 2 Glamour loves creating... Short Stories Jewellery Cupcakes
Silver Level Question 3 What does Glamour search for on Youtube? DIY Hair & Makeup Cookery
Silver Level Question 4 What colour is Glamour’s RIBBON? Pink Red Blue
Gold Level Question 1 What does Glamour often wear? Sun Hat Sunglasses Perfume
Gold Level Question 2 Where does Glamour love to go? The Mall The Catwalk The Road Home
Gold Level Question 3 Where is Glamour’s apartment? The Basement The Mezzanine The Penthouse
Gold Level Question 4 What does the ‘I’ stand for in VIP? Important Impatient Incredible