Bronze Level Question 1 What’s Chocolates’s favourite COLOUR? Brown Blue Purple
Bronze Level Question 2 What’s Chocolate’s favourite FLAVOUR? Rice Pudding Choc Chip Brownies
Bronze Level Question 3 Who is Chocolate’s BEST FRIEND? Rock Chick Lost Sheep Happy Bunny
Bronze Level Question 4 Where does Chocolate Live in WithitWorld? The Countryside The Suburbs The Forest
Silver Level Question 1 What does Chocolate LOVE to do? Skateboard Snowboard Snorkelling
Silver Level Question 2 What’s his Favorite type of Chocolate? Milk Chocolate Dark Chocolate All Chocolate!
Silver Level Question 3 Chocolate loves to listen to... Grunge Drum’n’Bass Rock’n’Roll
Silver Level Question 4 What’s Chocolate’s favourite drink? Strawberry Milk Orange Squash Hot Chocolate
Gold Level Question 1 What does he do at the lake? Swimming Waterskiing Canoeing
Gold Level Question 2 What trees grow in his forest? Fir trees Palm Trees Apple Trees
Gold Level Question 3 Chocolate Moose NEVER eats... Chocolate Buttons Chocolate Brownies Jellybeans
Gold Level Question 4 What is Chocolate ALWAYS up to? New recipes Fixing his car Combing his hair