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French design team Kidabord, develop BTS range for Glamour Puss

February 2014 – Withit

Finally another first for Glamour Puss is in France, where a cool new range of stationery and bags created and developed by ‘Kidabord’ will be available from 2015.

Glamour Puss now enjoying over 16 years being licensed onto products is showing no sign of slowing down.

Dubai Library to launch Glamour Puss bags and stationery.

February 2014 – Withit

In Dubai, With It World Licensing has secured deals for two of its brands. Dubai Library will be releasing an exclusive range of Glamour Puss stationery and school bags for the markets in the UAE as well as creating a range for Joey and Joy. Both ranges will be released later this year.

Another range of Glamour Puss stationery developed for 2015 by Proburo.

February 2014 – Withit

Glamour Puss will be enjoying her second range of bags and stationery in Russia after the success of the first range in 2013, Probuoro Stationery, are creating a more royal inspired theme. We can’t release the new design to view yet, but sign up to our newsletter to see it first when we can!

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