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August 2014 – Withit, DoodleBoos

Withit Licensing today announces the launch of two new stationery lines for brands, DoodleBoos and Glamour Puss. Withit’s partnership with Probuoro sees the design and development of the new stationery ranges in Russia, with “Kitties in the Cities’ coming out in 2015.


Following the success of the first ‘WITHIT’ Glamour Puss stationary launch in 2013, Probuoro then launched and even bigger 2nd range with a royal influence in 2014, which has gathered an even larger fan base. 


Probuoro has launched a 45 piece DoodleBoos collection featuring children’s backpacks, paints, brushes etc.  The range is in stores across Russia and is the first DoodleBoos product to be sold there.  A second DoodleBoos collection, for back to school 2015, is already being designed continuing its focus on a younger audience.  


Brad Caines, Creative Director at Withit Licensing comments: “We were thrilled to see the depth of product developed for our brands and look forward to the upcoming launch of Kitties in the Cities in 2015”.


Withit Licensing Prepare for BLE 2014 - Stand F100

August 2014 – Withit, Phizzogs, DoodleBoos, Joey + Joy

Withit Licensing is attending Brand Licensing Europe this year seeking new partners across licensing, retail and distribution for its key brands; ‘Phizzogs’, ‘Joey & Joy’ and ‘Kitties in the Cities’.

With a new, larger stand F100, Withit Licensing will be displaying new product lines for 3 of its brands and for the first time will be exhibiting products that have been designed and developed in-house. Since joining the company earlier this year, Denise Deane has been working with Creative Director, Brad Caines to produce the new product ranges which can be taken straight to manufacturing and retail, saving time and money for partners.

Phizzogs offers edgy and risqué lifestyle designs for older teens and students and Withit Licensing will be focusing on the development of the brand specifically in the UK, for the first time, based around its online animations.

Joey & Joy launched last year and is a lifestyle brand featuring two adorable monkey characters that offer 2 key design interpretations to appeal to a broader audience. A full range of plush, apparel and stationery will be on display.

Kitties in the Cities is based on a sophisticated range of elegantly illustrated cat characters, each from a major global capital. There is great appeal due to its educational content, stylish graphic, social connectivity and collectability. There are 9 cat characters from New York, Shanghai, London and more.

Both Joey & Joy and Kitties in the Cities appeal to 8-14 year olds and Withit Licensing will be looking to secure more licensees, distributers and retailers as well as its young adult brand Phizzogs at BLE.

Bradley Caines, Creative Director at Withit Licensing comments; “We’re excited to exhibit at BLE for the 14th consecutive year with such a strong portfolio and unveil our new product lines. Following the success of previous years we have moved to a bigger stand to ensure we have sufficient space for displays and meetings of our new ranges. This will be the first time we show products that have been entirely designed and developed in-house so we’re looking forward to a great show!”

Withit Licensing Appoint Licensing Agent for Joey and Joy Brand in India

August 2014

Withit Licensing, is pleased to announce the appointment of a new licensing agency, ‘AI Licensing’.  The contract, brokered by Withit Licensing, will see AI represent the key new brand, Joey and Joy, in India, the Far East and the Middle East.

‘AI India’, who have expertise in character brands, such as ‘Doreamon’, are already securing new licensees for Joey and Joy for India and plan to take on international distribution and manufacturing in the markets in which they operate.

Joey & Joy launched last year  is a lifestyle brand featuring two adorable monkey characters and have two key design interpretations to give appeal to a broader audience. ‘AI India’ are aiming to launch products to consumers before the end of October 2014.

Dolph Zahid, President of Withit Licensing, comments: “It’s great to have ‘AI India’ on board and we’re looking forward to launching Joey and Joy. “AI India” has a breadth of knowledge in these markets which we know will be key in developing the brand, and taking it into retail.”

Mr Nitan Kalra, Director at ‘AI India’ added: “We’re looking forward to working with Withit Licensing and believe the Joey and Joy brand has huge potential. We’ve already had great interest and are on the brink of securing several deals. In addition to that, negotiations are underway for a global animation deal to be released 2015/16.”

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