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Withit Licensing Appoint Licensing Agent for Joey and Joy Brand in India

August 2014

Withit Licensing, is pleased to announce the appointment of a new licensing agency, ‘AI Licensing’.  The contract, brokered by Withit Licensing, will see AI represent the key new brand, Joey and Joy, in India, the Far East and the Middle East.

‘AI India’, who have expertise in character brands, such as ‘Doreamon’, are already securing new licensees for Joey and Joy for India and plan to take on international distribution and manufacturing in the markets in which they operate.

Joey & Joy launched last year  is a lifestyle brand featuring two adorable monkey characters and have two key design interpretations to give appeal to a broader audience. ‘AI India’ are aiming to launch products to consumers before the end of October 2014.

Dolph Zahid, President of Withit Licensing, comments: “It’s great to have ‘AI India’ on board and we’re looking forward to launching Joey and Joy. “AI India” has a breadth of knowledge in these markets which we know will be key in developing the brand, and taking it into retail.”

Mr Nitan Kalra, Director at ‘AI India’ added: “We’re looking forward to working with Withit Licensing and believe the Joey and Joy brand has huge potential. We’ve already had great interest and are on the brink of securing several deals. In addition to that, negotiations are underway for a global animation deal to be released 2015/16.”

New Stationary Range - Russia

June 2014 – DoodleBoos

The first stationery range for the exciting world of DoodleBoos was launched in Russia today.  A large range of products have been produced and are now on sale in a wide choice of retail outlets.

Combining a lot of creative and crafting type products such as paints, brushes, chalks, colouring in sets and even painting aprons, this range is covering all a little learner needs to create with.  The design incorporates all the characters in a green woodland environment with different characters featuring across the product range.

Stockists include : Detski Mir, Bukva, Zelgross, Mir Detstva, Tander, O’key,, Sistema Kniga and Knijnii Dom.  These are the bigger stockist but there are small ones as well.

World Childrens Expo - India - Joey and Joy

July 2014

Withit Licensing were in attendance as the Childrens Expo in Mumbai this month.  With over 10,000 public visitors the show was very busy with a variety of brands and live performances.  Joey and Joy were making there first appearance here and business was brisk as families queued up to buy products and find out more about this exciting new brand.

Brad Caines was also on the discussion panel prior to the show to add his insights and observations on the Licensing industry and the introduction of Joey and Joy.

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Withit was started in 1991 as a family enterprise by Mr Dolph Zahid in Brighton, UK.

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