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India - Signs up LunchBoxes and Bottles

May 2017 – Phizzogs, Kitties in the Cities

Withit World is excited to announce a deal to have Kitties in the Cities and Phizzogs launched onto Lunch boxes and drinks bottles in India.  The range will start with a range featuring the Kitties in the Cities, with Phizzogs to launch soon after.  Working directly with a well established an reputable manufacturer, the appeal of Kitties with its international feel on travel has broad appeal to the inquisitive youth of India captivated by International destinations.    Phizzogs is seen as having appeal to the youth male market, an demographic largely untapped.  Using the humour and edgy feel of the brand to capture the attention of this large market.

Exhibiting at Kazachok Paris

April 2017 – Phizzogs, Kitties in the Cities

Withit Studios will be represented at Kazachok in Paris this year on their agents booth MJA Licensing, stand B01.   Brands being shown will be Kitties in the Cities and Phizzogs. This will be the first time either of these brands have been represented in this region, and Brad Caines will also be in attendance at the stand, working with Francoise Bouvet in showing design and art concepts as well as actual products of the brands.

Glitzy Glamour - FSDU

April 2017

As part of the follow up and superb reaction to Glitzy Glamour from the BLE show in October, Withit Studios have followed up with the development of a whole raft of products.  Taking the glamour route we came up with rose gold and clean white combined with the sharp graphics of Glitzy herself to generate a beautiful range of gifts and products that would appeal to young girls.  Brad Caines stated that ‘although the products can be selected individually, the FSDU just helps any retailer/buyer to visualise the range and gives it far more impact’.

About Withit

Withit was started in 1991 as a family enterprise by Mr Dolph Zahid in Brighton, UK.

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