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Maison D'Objet Dazzles!

January 2020 – Withit

Brad Caines, takes his annual search for all things cool and colourful to Paris once again.

Maison D’Objet proves as always to be a trend setter in terms of direction, materials and finish and this year did not disappoint.

A clearly noticeable look, was the influence of Japan.  More stands than I have seen before were from there and possibly, the calm look and feel of there designs may be resonating with the rather chaotic and conflicting world we are currently living in, here in the West!

Other trends including more organic and reusable/sustainable concepts and products. Also stands selling real vintage old used items, again showing the market is keen for authenticity.

Dolph Zahid in Frankfurt Show

January 2020 – Withit

Dolph was in attendance at the recent Frankfurt show, meeting with various interested parties and keeping in touch with contacts.

With the initial draft of the new Withit Style Guide, Dolph was able to secure excellent meetings with potential partners which he is in talks with to follow up.

Companies are really liking the new direction of Withit and also the more favourable business terms we are offering.  This is in direct feedback from Licensees keen to find flexible brands to fill key and specific retailer needs.

New 30th Anniversary Logo to be created!

March 2020 – Withit

As many of you will know, Withit was established in 1991 by Dolph Zahid.  The company has gone from retailer selling other peoples products, to selling and creating its own, before moving into Wholesaling and now Licensing!

2021 will mark the company’s 30th year in business so a commemorative logo to celebrate this milestone is under development.  The logo is due to be released in June 202o, in order that it can be featured in future ad/social media campaigns for 2021.

About Withit

Withit was started in 1991 as a family enterprise by Mr Dolph Zahid in Brighton, UK.

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