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BLE Show - Withit Make new contacts

September 2019 – Withit

Another busy BLE show this year.  Withit Director, Dolph Zahid, was catching up and networking with various business contacts, both old and new.

Development in different areas as well as discussions with potential distributors in France, as well as more typical Licensing routes were fleshed out.

In an ever changing market, Withit has always shown itself to be flexible.

Viral Marketing set to develop Social Media

March 2020 – Withit

Viral Marketing – A social media development company will be working on Withit to create a new instagram feed for the brand.

There will be a range of animated gifs as well as fun slogans, but it will also feature garments from Withit’s new range of t-shirts that you can view at their Etsy shop, see the link below.

Go take a look…!

Withit - New Style Guide!

January 2020 – Withit

Development of an all new style guide for Withit has now completed.

After several months of development of the original characters combined with new patterns and palettes, a complete reinvention of the brand is now ready to roll.

Brad Caines Creative Director, worked with Watermelon Creative Ltd to complete the works which focuses on 8 of the original characters.

Further development for a Winter Collection of additional designs is also in progress.

About Withit

Withit was started in 1991 as a family enterprise by Mr Dolph Zahid in Brighton, UK.

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