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Phizzogs 12 Days of Xmas Video

December 2015 – Phizzogs

Phizzogs launches its take on the 12 days of Xmas with a full blown animation taking a good jab at what Christmas is really all about! In just 6 days it reached over 170K views with overall reach nearly 650k! This marked a new direction for Phizzogs and we will be working on more animated shorts going forward.

Joey and Joy "Happy Mother's Day" Video

March 2016 – Joey + Joy

Joey and Joy “Happy Mother’s Day” video on Facebook reaches over 200k people reach with over 5.5k views.

Woolworths Continue Another Joey and Joy Range of Nightwear

April 2016 – Joey + Joy

Woolworths continue to back Joey and Joy with yet another range of nightwear, the 5th collection for the retailer.  Featuring the sketchy look of the True Love look, these have continued to be a solid choice achieving top sell through figures

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