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Glitzy Glamour - Toiletries Range

May 2017

Glitzy Glamour Puss, the latest character from Withit Studios has been developed into a range of toiletries by the experts at The Beauty Care Company, in Switzerland.  The range which contains a good array of products from Pampering Gift Sets, perfumes and nail polish and lip gloss. (sneaky peek below!).  Brad Caines stated that the response to Glitzy from BLE had been great and this was the first of a variety of deals going forward.

Sneak Peak at Glitzy Glamour Toiletries Range

MJA Licensing Appointed Agents for France

April 2017 – Phizzogs, Kitties in the Cities

Francoise Bouvet of MJA Licensing is the Agent in France for Withit Studios Brands.  MJA will focus firstly on Kitties in the Cities and Phizzogs brands for this territory.  Dolph Zahid, MD of Withit World said “I very much look forward to working with Francoise and developing a strategy for France”   MJA are a well established and respected agency for the French market and feel they have good opportunities on Withit Brands.

Withit World in Korea

April 2017 – Phizzogs

Dolph Zahid will be visiting Seoul this week on business meetings with a variety of interested parties.   Dolph will be with his business associate Danny Dong Wook Lee who is part of the Withit World Asia office and will be presenting the Phizzogs to distributors and Licensees alike.   The Phizzogs have always had interest from this market, but until recently we did not have the right connections but with Danny on board we feel confident we can secure the interest into actual deals.  With the simplistic yet bold imagery of the Phizzogs and the humour of the characters they show a real synergy with Korean culture and imagery.  Couple this with the development of a Phizzogs FSDU product program and its clear why this territory is showing such interest.  Dolph follows on from Korea to the Japan Licensing Show in Tokyo.


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