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Chocolate Moose makes a Comeback for Classic Withit!

April 2017

Its been too long since the super popular original Withit Characters developed in 1996 have been seen in stores, but Woolworths in South Africa will be launching a ladies nightwear pyjama set this year.  The deal which is a Direct to Retail program managed by CLM Ltd in Cape Town has been running for over year with Joey and Joy being the main brand carried by the retailer.  Chocolate Moose, a long time favourite, first appeared in W H Smiths on stationery but went on to appear on nightwear in Dunnes and BHS back in 2006/7.  Just proves you can’t bit the temptation of chocolate!!

Phizzogs goes into Skin Care Range in India!

May 2017

Withit World from their India offices have now secured a deal with toiletries and organic skin care company, Wild Earth.  The product range currently in design development is aimed at the teenage male market place using the Phizzogs characters.  With such a high population of teenagers there was a gap to cater for this area with quality tested products with natural and organic remedies such as active charcoal, tea tree, sea salt and turmeric face scrubs and aloe vera moisturisers.   Brad Caines stated that although a tricky area in design terms, the aim was to dispel the frustration and embarrasement young teens can feel and show easy to follow skin care and cleaning routines packaged and presented for them and just them!   The range is due to launch in Q4 of 2016 with gift pack sets.  Once established Withit World’s India office plan to launch in other territories with India as a supply base.



India - Bags and Backpacks for Kitties in the Cities

May 2017

Another deal for Withit World as a major school and fashion bag producer has signed up with Kitties in the Cities to produce ranges.   As Withit World further develops its business connections in India, Kitties in the Cities has sparked much interest for its international flavour and adaptability as a brand.  First ranges of bags will start to hit retail stores before the end of the year, made up of a variety of backpacks with luggage also scheduled for 2018.



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