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India - Bags and Backpacks for Kitties in the Cities

May 2017

Another deal for Withit World as a major school and fashion bag producer has signed up with Kitties in the Cities to produce ranges.   As Withit World further develops its business connections in India, Kitties in the Cities has sparked much interest for its international flavour and adaptability as a brand.  First ranges of bags will start to hit retail stores before the end of the year, made up of a variety of backpacks with luggage also scheduled for 2018.



Dubai - Kitties to Debut at IMG Theme Park

May 2017 – Kitties in the Cities

Withit World is developing a range of Dubai based products around Kitties in the Cities.  The range will primarily focus on ‘Haya’ the character from the Brand who is based in Dubai.   The tie with the city and the cat who lives there, was a fit made in heaven and IMG and Withit Studios combined with the apparel design expertise of Watermelon Creative are creating a 5m display of products for the launch later this year.  We will be updating this news post at a later date with product shots in due course.


India - Signs up LunchBoxes and Bottles

May 2017 – Phizzogs, Kitties in the Cities

Withit World is excited to announce a deal to have Kitties in the Cities and Phizzogs launched onto Lunch boxes and drinks bottles in India.  The range will start with a range featuring the Kitties in the Cities, with Phizzogs to launch soon after.  Working directly with a well established an reputable manufacturer, the appeal of Kitties with its international feel on travel has broad appeal to the inquisitive youth of India captivated by International destinations.    Phizzogs is seen as having appeal to the youth male market, an demographic largely untapped.  Using the humour and edgy feel of the brand to capture the attention of this large market.

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