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Phizzogs T-Shirts Production

February 2017 – Phizzogs

Phizzogs first range of t-shirts is currently in production, in readiness for the first outing at the upcoming London Edge Show on Feb12-13th at the Business Design Centre in Islington.

The primary reason for doing the show was to engage potential retailers on the direction of the brand as well as showcasing ranges of other products that are at sampling stage.  Brad Caines, Creative Director, added that, the best feedback is from retailers themselves who have a clear and working knowledge of their consumers and will be able to tell us what they think first hand.

Over 20 designs are in the first collection, along with test ranges of Street Bags and Plush.

Dubai - Dolph Zahid in new talks

February 2017 – Phizzogs

Dolph Zahid the Managing Director has been in discussions with a Distributor in Dubai for Withit World branded products, such as Glitzy Glamour and the Phizzogs brands.

I’m confident we will be making a more official announcement in the coming months, said Mr Zahid.    Further discussions are in hand with retailers in the Philippines who have also expressed keen interest in Glitzy Glamour Puss

Glitzy gets a Glam Intro!

February 2017

After Glitzy Glamour Puss was first shown at the BLE show, the new brand which is development on from one of the original Withit characters is enjoying a lot of interest!

Developments in a wide range of products is nearly done with a FSDU too be launched later this year.   The Social media campaign including Instagram and Facebook is to begin in mid February.

About Withit

Withit was started in 1991 as a family enterprise by Mr Dolph Zahid in Brighton, UK.

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