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Clairfontaine: Phizzogs stationary

May 2013 – Phizzogs

French Based Company, Clairfontaine, launched a range of 4 Diaries with the Phizzogs, Who me, Dumb Blonde, Spot the Maniac and Rock Star. They also produced a school calendar as well featuring Spot the Maniac and Rock Star. Already selling in various quality stationers and book stores throughout France.

Gemma International: Phizzogs greetings cards

May 2013 – Phizzogs

Gemma International, a premier UK greeting card company, will be showing its first range of Phizzog greeting cards at the Progressive Greetings Card show in Islington in May 2013. Gemma were instantly attracted by the Phizzogs humour and style and many retail buyers will be seeing them for the first time at this specialist show.

Tarco: 3D Phizzogs collectables

May 2013 – Phizzogs

Tarco International is another exciting company to sign up for the edgy brand, Phizzogs. Two dynamic guys from the vending machine industry, Tarco, recently set itself up as a company to develop products that appeal to a wide demographic with a different twist. With this approach in mind they wanted to create a set of 6 Phizzog characters as 3D collectible vinyl dolls. Dispensed through an international chain of vending machines. Launch to happen in the Autumn of 2013. Featured Characters will be Zak the Maniac, Who me Hannah, Mary Hell the Psychogirl, Debbie the Dumb Blonde, Riff the Rock Star and last but not least, Norm the Weirdo.

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